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Default WHAT ??? (Would you change in this mix / master)

Okay ... ;

TWBMS - The Party - master01

all stuff by me ():

any feedback mix / master-wise, etc.


- zergei W -
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Hi Zergei,

Good work!

Two notes:

1. Tune all the vocals. Sorry, but you're pitchy throughout. Also the EQ is off somehow. All the vocals sound nasal and thin. That's easily remedied with EQ.

2. You have some buzzy/fuzzy lead instruments that compete with the lead vocal. Nothing is more important than the lead vocal in a pop song. Does the lead guitar and synth need to be playing behind the vocal? Could you pull them back while you're singing, then set them loose when you're not?

Just my 5 cents worth (we don't have pennies in Canada anymore, so I have to round up ;P).
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i don't mind that vocal sound actually. its a quality i heard a lot in early modest mouse/ death cab for cutie/ some others when they were starting out. some people do it on purpose with things like autotune to get an exaggerated artificial doubling effect
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