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Default Massive template slows down only* when mute/solo/move

(posted in r/reaper as well, for those not on the official forum.)

Iím trying a ridiculously large template with each bus having a parallel, among other crap. 400 tracks. Trying to push the limits, so this is sort of expected.

When muting, soloing, or moving around *any* track in both mcp/tcp, including unrelated tracks (say muting kick drum bus when thereís only vocal items in the vocal bus, blank session otherwise), it is veryyy slow.

ONLY those things are slow. FX, volume fader, panning, record, monitoring, etc are all totally unaffected.

Itís like it has to buffer the entire session audio when muting/soloing/moving a track. If thatís true, lemme know. Otherwise, I have tried:

- No parent sends anywhere, to allow for moving tracks around. Nothing is (AFAIK) dependent on its positioning. Though itís set up always feeding: up-the-folder, right-to-left.
- Removed everything above the busses. Mix and master are just two blank tracks, Mix receives busses and Master receives Mix.
- No fx in the session at all, even though FX bypass and fx themselves are totally unaffected.

Iím wondering what is the difference between muting/soloing and track position, and actual FX processing and such. Does it load/unload when mute/solo? If so, why is track position different?

Iím deep in the preferences, if you guys have any idea of something I missed, or have experienced the same thing (hopefully not), let me know! Thanks!
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