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Default Automatically add a date in the project name?

When I Save my projects I'd like to start with year, month, day and then the project name. Is there any way to automate this?
For example with rendering multiple files at once I can add Wildcards like $year etc, but this doesn't seem to work with saving a project, plus I wouldn't want to type $year $month $day every time I save a project :-) Is there any way at all to do this automatically?

(The reason I ask this is because I could not find a project because I typed 2019 instead of 2020... )
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Not sure, but you can use something like AutoHotKey so when you hit a key combination it will insert/paste the current date/time.
I made one with AHK to incremental save, so it will send a Save As keystroke to a particular app cut the name out of the save as dialog, append it incrementally, paste it and enter every so many minutes.
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