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Default Windows 10 64 bit Or Stay in Win 7 64 bit ?

I am getting back into to the DAW Audion Recording World and things have changed a bit.

As an old PT user everyone when I was using PT Stayed we all stayed at Win 7 64bit/. With the understanding that all updates are stopping for Win 7, I upgraded to Windows 10 64b, but as an IT professional I can say with certainty that Win 10 is Microsoft's attempt to gather meta data & activity data on ALL of their users, similair to Facebook.

I have software that monitors firewall out bound attempts by software package. Windows 10 is constantly taking up band width trying to send massive amounts of data back to Microsoft. This eats up internet bandwidth, and processor resources.

Is everyone using Reaper on Win 10, or are they holding at Win 7 64b? And if most are using Win 10, what are people doing to mitigate the op systems constant usage of internet band width and CPU usage?

Thank you
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Windows 7 will work faster in old hardware, but at some point you need to update to windows 10 for new hardware. Windows 7 also got the telemetry features installed in some of the updates.
I think in both you can disable or minimize a lot of it. Probably not everything. The only way is to go offline.. and have another computer for Internet. Linux would be the best if you are worried about it.

What firewall software do you use? Is there an open source firewall for windows? I haven't found any, there must be a good reason. I don't know if any software firewall could be really trusted, including the windows firewall of course. Once I blocked svchost, and it tries to connect to Internet all the time to many different IPs. svchost aggregates many different services under it and it makes difficult at least for me to know where the traffic is really going to. It's all a mess.
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During install of Windows 10, there are many questions it asks if you would like to participate in this and that. By default, everything is turned on allowing it to send all kinds of data back to the mother ship. I always turn everything off. Not that it's never going to send data, but at least I turned off what I can. If you have a pre-built PC, you can assume that all of it is turned on. Install Win10 yourself and you know that you turned it off.
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Default Response to Heda's Question About Firewall Blocker

I am currently using Glasswire https://www.glasswire.com/ free version.
It's a little taxing on the processor, but its a very good start to get an idea exactly which software and how much activity there is.
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One can also use this as a guide to speed up win10 - http://www.blackviper.com/service-co...onfigurations/

TinyWall is also a good lightweight firewall, basically just a better interface for win10 own firewall.
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If you're concerned about privacy and data collecting, keep your machine offline. Alternatively, Reaper runs fine on Ubuntu and can even load VST's with the help of Carla, though some activation software like Native Access won't work.

The majority of the telemetry stuff can be turned off in Win10 as well. In particular turn off background apps and pretty much anything you find under "privacy" in PC Settings.
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I am using Windows 7 Pro
Our home has Windows ten
I will go forward with Windows 7 on my audio computer
I am pretty much pleased with Windows 7 and what vst's I have and I have plenty
My music does not go over 40 tracks on the screen.
I plan to stop purchasing new programs.
I plan to knuckle down and work on my music and
avoid needing new gear (apart from Hardware!)
A side note many manufacturers in the Audio recording business are now going on the rent idea this will become the norm as they seek to sunbathe on the Mediterranean sands and while it is not my business I would prefer to own.
My gear thus far is running well aside from replacing my Orpheus if it goes belly up which I hope it will not it is a great piece of work.
I do have an emergency copy of an update to Windows ten on a flash drive....

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I pretty much echo the feelings of many. I am sticking with Win 7 until this machine needs to be replace. I do run ESET NOD32 but I have still taken the machine offline and only connect when I need to update something. I would upgrade but that would be about a weeks worth of f**king about, so no. I think I have got two more years in the i7 laptop. When that needs replacing. I'll have to get a win 10 machine. I would go Linux if it was properly supported by the VST developers. But I have invested too much money in windows vsts. I know one can run them through WINE but that just adds another layer of complexity and processing.
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Larry Kriz
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I'm on Windows 7 (Home) and planning on staying there as long as I can. I use Win 10 on my home laptop but that's just for general purpose stuff. I'm ok with it there. It hasn't hurt me lol. The forced updates on my laptop haven't ever rendered my laptop unusable.

It's a little odd to have stuff going on behind my back without any explanation of what's being changed or added. It's like that with my Office 365 licence too. Features are added without any prior advance notice of what's changing and why. I know I can go search for that stuff but really... I guess I'm old school. I like to pick and choose the features I want to add. This smacks of the old dumb terminal days. That's basically what our devices are becoming. Dumb terminals. Maybe dumb isn't the right word. But some days it seems dumb lolol

At the top of the food chain of excuses, I don't have to concern myself with a forced update that may, or may not, render the machine I use to conduct business on a daily basis... inoperable. So there's that. Also, my current DAW setup works perfectly with Win 7. I haven't quite figured out what advantage there would be to upgrading for no specific reason other than bragging rights. It used to be like that. I used to always be on the bleeding edge. Those days are long gone.

I know that at some point, I'll have to deal with all this but I'd like to prolong that agony as much as possible. Luckily, for people like me, companies like Cockos are happy to support systems going all the way back to Windows XP. I'll bet Reaper runs great on Windows XP. I miss XP. Some of my best running DAWs were XP based machines. Everything turned to shit with 64 bit (hey that rhymes lol).

It's companies like Waves that seem happy to abandon older OS users. Probably for no other reason than to keep the cash flow moving in their direction.
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