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Default Touch OSC Feedback

anyone here able to help me out with sending feedback to the Tablet from Reaper. if someone could simply show me how - I'm sure I could pick it up from there. Willing to pay someone uk based to show me how. Thanks
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Can you provide some more information about what your set up is? Are you using CSI? Are you writing your own ReaperOSC mapping? In either case, what are you trying to do and what have you tried?
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Why uk based? You need someone to physically come to your house? The main issue I ran into was that my Android devices were always using a dynamic IP, so things would just stop working shortly after getting them set up.

Setting my wifi connection to a static IP fixed all my problems and no one mentions this anywhere that I've seen. Took me about 4 years of trying and failing to finally discover that. Hold your finger on the wifi connection and modify it to be static to see if this helps you too.

The other tricky thing is knowing what to type into TouchOSC editor. Here's an example:

I created a label in the editor and named it "TrackName".
In my OSC pattern config this is the corresponding line:

TRACK_NAME s/1/TrackName

"TRACK_NAME" can't be altered. "s" is for printing a string (in this case, the selected track name). "1" is the name of the TouchOSC page/tab and there is a bug in TouchOSC that makes it very easy to accidentally change the page name, so ensure it's correct as a final step if you have problems (can be anything as long as it matches in the editor and the config file). TrackName can be called anything you want (user-defined variable), but it also has to be exactly the same in the config and the editor.

If you choose one of the pre-configured layouts, such as LogicTouch and choose that as the pattern config in prefs/control surface for your device, things should work immediately if the setup is ok. From there you can start tweaking the layout to suit your workflow.
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