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Default Issues using Scaler's Strum feature in Reaper.

I'm trying to use Scaler as an input FX and a synth as output FX. It works fine playing the chords using midi keyboard triggers. When I try to use the strum option it works just fine as well while monitoring (alternating up and down strums between every chord I play). The problem is as soon as I hit record, I only get up strums. Even if I choose down strums only. It still only plays up strums on all chords. I have also noticed this when using Scaler as output FX. The strums turn out fine when dragging a chord-set into Reaper, but I want to record it as i'm playing the triggers to record the chords length, velocity and so on. Can anybody that has Scaler confirm this issue? Anybody know why this would be happening? I feel like it may be an issue with Scaler itself.
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I don't recall having this problem, but I don't use Scaler's strum function much.

I usually use it to generate chords, and then pass those into 3rd-party arpeggiators or other tools, since I think Scaler's arp/strum options are not as comprehensive as what i can get elsewhere.

But I'll try Scaler's strum when I get home tonight, and see if I can duplicate what you are reporting.
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