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Tom O'Farrell
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Angry Computer Crashing with Video in Reaper

i have been using Reaper for several years , first just audio , then video.
things were working fine , but then one day it just crashed.
Since then i can do audio no problem, but every time i open the video window reaper refuses to respond to any commands , even just stop playing .also no video (picture). this is accompanied by a loud buzzing and i have to force stop the computer.
i'm using Windows 10, 64 , an going through an Edirol UA-4fx.

i have tried uninstalling Reaper and re-installing , to no avail.

can anybody help please?
i would be extremely grateful
Tom O'F
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I have no experience (yet) with using Reaper for video, but I think for those who do, you've narrowed it down to being app specific, given that a) it worked well before and b) that you can play back videos on your system in another app (I'm assuming).

My first inclination is that a software update changed a setting or that your preference file is corrupt. A long shot is that a stick of RAM is acting up only when your system is being pushed toward a higher performance.

Just some thoughts. Good luck.
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You mentioned you reinstalled Reaper, make sure you also reinstall VLC (or whatever videoplayer program) you are using for the codecs. Also update drivers especially video drivers for instance if they are Nvidia etc.

You have probably tried all this, but it might be useful for those codecs that do not ship with reaper.
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