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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
Ahem: https://www.long-mcquade.com/18024/G..._Amplifier.htm

Personally, I find a Kemper way better than any VST I've played. $2000 better? Hard to say, but I can get good tones in five minutes with a KPA that I've never been able to get with a plugin - as I think I said earlier, for me it's mostly about the "3D" feel, especially compared to cab impulses. Hell, even impulses send better through the Kemper just because it tries to respond as if they were a real cab.

My Kemper has arrived and I have been playing with it a little bit. I can already confirm that it feels like a real amp - I'm happy

I also bought these profiles from guidorist for €3.49 (and now I'm even happier )
7 Kemper® Amp profiles of the Bognar XTC
(Tried to replicate the sound of a Bogner®
Ecstasy 101b)

Recorded with 1x Sure SM 57 & 1x Audio i5 mics
Nivi 1073 Preamps (Auro Audio Sidecar)
Bognar 4×12″ Celestina Vintage 30

I like the routing/reamping possibilities (no need to buy any additional gear for reamping):
(Here's a video about the output routing: https://youtu.be/dYyzUDCmG3Y?t=132)

Example routing (from Kemper to Audio interface)

Main Out L -> Input 1 (Audio Interface)
  • Delay/Reverb Wet L
Main Out R -> Input 2 (Audio Interface)
  • Delay/Reverb Wet R
Monitor Out -> Input 3 (Audio Interface)
  • Stack (Stomps/Amp/Cabinet)
Direct Out -> Input 4 (Audio Interface)
  • Pure guitar signal (for reamping etc.)
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