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Default Using Macros vs. Snapshots to Filter Tracks

Hey guys,

I've been wrestling with this for a few hours and have hit a wall. Here's my situation. I've created toggle buttons that allow me to quickly show/hide groups of tracks in the TCP and the MCP (e.g, guitars, drums, etc.).

My initial approach, which works, was this:

1. In Cycle Action Editor create a custom action, say, Console: Select Guitar tracks, with the command: CONSOLE S*Guitars*. This custom action selects all and only tracks that have the name 'Guitar' in it.

2. Find this custom action in the action list, and create a macro with the following:

a. Console: Select Guitar tracks
b. SWS: Select children of selected folder track(s)
c. SWS: Show selected track(s) in TCP, hide others
d. SWS: Show selected track(s) in MCP, hide others
e. Xenakios/SWS: Scroll track view to hojme
f. Xenakios/SWS: Select first of selected tracks

I then make sure this is a toggle action in the cycle action editor, create a toggle button, and I'm good to go.

The problem: this method works /only if/ I am happy with hiding all tracks except my guitar tracks.

But I actually prefer instead that, for each of my instrument groupings (guitar, bass, synths, etc.), I can use a toggle to hide everything /except/:

i) the chosen instrument grouping (say, all guitars, folders and children)

ii) /just one/ drum track, the one showing my midi items, rather than all my multi-out drum tracks.

My intial approach, (a)-(e) above, doesn't work for this. Even though I have replaced command (a) with the command CONSOLE S*Guitars*,*Drums*, which selects all and only tracks labeled 'Guitars' /and/ those labeled 'Drums', the action (b) still selects all the child tracks of both folders. Hence, I'm seeing all my drum tracks, not just one.

To get around this, I see two possible options. Either:

A) I can create type of 'step' macro (if this even exists) that:

1. Selects one drum track with CONSOLE: S*drums*


2. Runs the macro (a)-(e) from above /in isolation/ such that action (b) in this macro /does not/ select all the children of the selected drum track, but rather just the parent and children guitar tracks. I've tried to do this in multiple ways, but no dice.

B) Use snapshots. This is easy, but it has a serious drawback: every time I insert more tracks I need to remember to edit the snapshot. As you can imagine, this could quickly get annoying and there'll be mistakes/oversights.

The advantage with option (A) therefore is that, since I use folders, any child tracks of a parent folder named 'Guitars', 'Bass', whatever, are automatically selected by the macro. My challenge though is to find a way in one macro to restrict (b) to just the guitar tracks.

Thanks for reading this far. I hope this made sense. Suggestions are much appreciated!

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Figured it out:
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