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Default Recent Projects List with a filter (search line)

Hello. Now the drop-down menu-list of recently opened projects is something you have to look through, and if you're not paying enough attention you can miss the last version of a project, and if the list isn't big enough (or you got too creative for its size) you simply won't find the project that you're searching for.
What choice do you have? You can go to your projects folder in Finder, Explorer or another file manager if you use one. Usually, the projects folder consists of folders. Some file managers offer a "flat folder" or "branch view" option so you can sort files by access date without the need to open every last folder, some don't.
So, in addition to what's already there, the Recent projects list as a separate window with a search line (filter) seems like a good option.
And if it remembers what you typed in and has a button to delete it I don't see how it would hurt.
"Independent", like Action list. With columns (for sorting). No folders in the main column, only project files. To look up folders names — Path column. The rest: Name (the main column, projects only), Created, Modified, Accessed. ...That must be it.

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Maybe try this out: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=208697
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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
Thanks, it looks promising. Too small fonts though.
And if I understand correctly the number of recent projects in the list is still limited by 100 (max).
And there's no "Sort by access date" option in the Projects tab. (No such a column as "Accessed".)
So, either it's "still on the way" or it's not exactly what I need.
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