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Default Midi loops with note sustain beyond loop end

Is there a non-hacky way of getting notes at the end of a midi loop to sustain (extend a little bit beyond the loop end marker), so that instruments can glide to instead of retrigger the first note in a loop, each time it repeats?

Yes, I can just extent the loop, turn it into actual copies then lengthen all the notes at the end of each former loop point, but that kinda defeats much of the benefit of having midi loops in the first place and makes for extra work, especially if I want to change the loop content.

I had a look through the preferences and couldn't find an option to allow midi note sustain beyond the loop end (to avoid re-triggering the first note, when a loop repeats). But maybe there is a way?
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Because why put any extra effort into music. So many plugins that would allow this stretch fx that you speak of.

Effectrix, Rythmizer, halftime... those are the first 3 that come to my head but there are are many others
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