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Default V6 Theme Adjuster - Settings not saving

Some people are reporting that changes made to the theme adjuster are not saving between sessions. I would like to please invite you to do some detective work so we can fix this, and narrow down what commonalities are causing the problem.

Some things the theme adjuster does are saved as part of your project (colors, for example). Some are just Reaper preferences. But the vast majority are theme/layout changes and are saved in a file called 'reaper-themeconfig.ini'.

Please open the script and change the setting of this control to ...anything. Just change it.

Now please go to "Options > Show Reaper resource path in explorer/finder" to locate your reaper-themeconfig.ini file, and open it. In the section '[Default_6.0]' look for param1=xx. This is the parameter for the Mixer folder indent, we'll use it as the test parameter because its param1. Please note its current value. Then use the script to change the Mixer folder indent, and then reload your reaper-themeconfig.ini. And here's the million dollar question:

Has the value for param1 changed?!

If not ...there's the problem Let me know, and we can start tracking it down.

If you have multiple installs of Reaper, or multiple installs of the script, or perhaps because you are on a portable install (we have yet to clarify if this matters, it shouldn't), or perhaps because you have been doing things with .ini files, the connection between the script and the reaper-themeconfig.ini can get it wires crossed, and your changes will be written to a file the Reaper install you are using doesn't access.

************************************************** **********
If/when the problem is resolved for you, please please please
report back (including your install count / portable status) so I can more
accurately target advice for future users in the same situation. Thanks!
************************************************** **********

Have you changed the theme using the Theme development/Tweaker?

If so, when you clicked 'Save Theme', what did you name it? Because you probably just made a new theme. The Theme Adjuster will continue to change settings, but it will keep track of those changes in your reaper-themeconfig.ini file under the name of the new theme, from scratch

If this might explain the trouble some of you are having, please report back. Thanks!

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