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Default Solved: Midi "program-change" with Expression pedal

I have a softsynth which has a program change-option (within 128 instruments) only in the stand-alone mode, but not in the plugin-mode in Reaper.
But is is possible to change the "program" with the automation in Reaper.

I want to control the instrument program by a midi pedal (Line6 fbV3), but it is not easy to control changes of instrument with the expression pedal (Try to hit value 19 to choose the depending instrument... ;-)). The Line6 fbv also have switches (sending Toggle, Single, Momentary), but the Automation does not react to this (in the way I want it to). Do you have another idea to control the instrument-changes? I listed the 128 Softsynth-instruments at the program list with numbers and only want to change between the first 12.
In Reaper, you can change the scale of the automation, so the expression-pedal only changes between the first 12 instruments of the softsynth, but it nevertheless is not easy to have the pedal at a certain CC-value to have the right instrument. It would be easier to step up and down between the first 12 instruments one by one.
Is there perhaps a possibility to control this with the expression pedal? (For exemple: Pedal up -> Value 128 -> One instrument up; pedal down -> Value 0 -> one instrument down). If you have an idea, how to do this in Reaper - with the expression pedal or the switches of the Line6-pedal, this would be nice...

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