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Default Reaper V6 Theme Adjuster - 150% and 200% for HiDPI?

I noticed that in the Theme Adjuster, standard-DPI screens get 100%, 150%, and 200% sizes, while high-DPI screens get 50%, 75%, and 100% (at least on Windows 10). I made the unfortunate (and expensive) mistake of purchasing a 4K touch-screen Windows laptop*, and I SO MUCH wish that I could choose 150% or 200% size when using Reaper for live music, so that I could really make use of the touch screen. (It's difficult to accurately touch the correct control at 100%-scaling on a high-DPI screen.) I know I can configure Reaper to ignore the HiDPI screen, which would allow me to use larger controls... but then it would all look blurry and I would be reminded AGAIN that I should have spent less money and just gotten the 1080p screen and been a happier person. :-/

Is there any chance to get another two levels of graphic sizing so that HiDPI users can also have 150% and 200% options?

(*I say "unfortunate" because software support for retina-style displays is still often lacking in the Windows world.)
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Generating a whole extra two other sizes of images would be a mammoth task, that's a hard no for now, I'm afraid

However, if you 200% scaled up to 250% (2.5 on scaler) it should look a lot less blurry than, for example, a 100%-only theme scaled to 150%. Have you tried that?
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