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Default Font size on Theme Adjuster in Linux

When using the Theme Adjuster, the font size is quite large in Linux compared to Mac OSX. This has the effect of making the layout look a bit poor.

I've attached a couple of images so you can see what I mean.

Ubuntu 18.04 (64bit)
Reaper 6.03

I did a quick workaround for this - edited the theme adjuster script to change the if statement so that the default is not Windows, but the Mac settings, which work reasonably well on my machine (probably need testing on other distro's?)

Here is the code from my workaround

if reaper.GetOS() == "Win64" or reaper.GetOS() == "Win32" then
  gfx.setfont(1, "Calibri", 13)
  gfx.setfont(2, "Calibri", 15)
  gfx.setfont(3, "Calibri", 16)
  gfx.setfont(4, "Calibri", 20) -- used in : undocked palette title
  gfx.setfont(5, "Calibri", 16) -- IMPORTANT : match the font and size (by eye, oops!) of TCP & EnvCP labels
  gfx.setfont(11, "Calibri", 26)
  gfx.setfont(12, "Calibri", 30)
  gfx.setfont(13, "Calibri", 32)
  gfx.setfont(14, "Calibri", 40) -- used in : undocked palette title
  gfx.setfont(15, "Calibri", 32)
  gfx.setfont(1, "Verdana", 9)
  gfx.setfont(2, "Verdana", 10)
  gfx.setfont(3, "Tahoma", 10)             --<< To DO : OSX font matching
  gfx.setfont(4, "Verdana", 14)
  gfx.setfont(5, "Tahoma", 11)
  gfx.setfont(11, "Verdana", 18)
  gfx.setfont(12, "Verdana", 20)
  gfx.setfont(13, "Tahoma", 20)             --<< To DO : OSX font matching
  gfx.setfont(14, "Verdana", 28)
  gfx.setfont(15, "Tahoma", 22)
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