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Default Slow graphic performance

On my win 10, 5820k intel, 16 giga DDR4, REaper 6, slow graphic performance happens when lots of FX chain windows are docked.
How to solve this issue which happens often with heavy projects ?

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I also get slow graphics and overall performance with a lot of plugins even though my CPU and graphics card should be more than capable.

Reaper will seem alright, but anytime I try to do anything i.e. solo, mute, play stop etc. Reaper can become super slow and take 3-5 seconds to respond.

I'm not sure if it's the same issue but seems related.
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Win10 Pro 64-bit, Reaper 6(x64), AMD 3950x, Aorus X570 Master, 64GB DDR4 3600, PowerColor Red Devil 5700XT, EVO 970 2TB, 10TB HD, Define R6
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