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Default CRASH - Reaper 6.01 - after close

(1) Win 8.1 Pro x64 Bld 9600, Reaper 6.01, Supermicro SYS-7048A-T, 64GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX Titan Z

(2) Background: I've previously uninstalled ALL Reaper instances, all related directories and files, and have cleaned the Win registry of all references to REAPER.

(3) I've refactored all VST2 and VST3 installation locations. This crash occurs after closing Reaper, after "Clear cache and rescan" VST paths. I am only scanning the VST3 location ("C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\<product folder>") and 1 VST2 location containing 1 VST ("C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\EWQL\QL Spaces.dll").

(4) Windows reports a crash shortly after closing Reaper, reporting defaulting module is ucrtbase.dll

Dump sent to support at cockos
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I've also got some crashes related to ucrtbase.dll (Reaper 6.03)

Sometimes when opening a project, sometimes the same project will open but then crash shortly after.

No errors are given, Reaper just disappears.

I did some Googling and someone mentioned running the crashing app as admin solved the issue.
Running Reaper as admin seemed to "fix" the issue for me as well, but as admin mode can cause other issues (i.e. networked mapped drives not accessible), it's not really a solution, but maybe a lead on one.


Making some changes in admin mode and resaving a new project version seems to allow it to open again in regular mode.
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