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sash poask
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Default where to install ezdrummer

hey guys help me a newbie out plz.

i want to tru and use ezdrummer in reaper, but where do i install it? when i go through the normal installation all the files go to C:\program files\ezdrummer

so are there some particular files i need to copy into reaperr directory, if so into which folder and which files

is there anything else i will need in order to be able to use it? templates? what folder should i out them?

cheers for all the help guys

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Alistair S
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When you install EZdrummer it will install most of its data in Program Files\Toontrack\ezdrummer.

However, you should also have ezdrummer.dll in your vst plugins folder.

You can set Reaper to look a variety of folders for vst plugins if you want (in Prefs/VST). Reaper will then find it.

It is probably already set up.. but it isn't called ezdrummer in the FX list! Confusing, eh?

It is called Dfh Sampler. You can search for it by typing in Toontrack if you prefer.

Hope that helps.
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sash poask
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Default yay yaa yay yay

i finally got it all to work last night, was so happy after countless tries, god hard 2 describe how happy i was lol

anyway thanks man, was great help

now to figure out how to program my own drumn tracks

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