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Originally Posted by Bezmotivnik View Post
Good grief. I was 3/4 asleep when I wrote that.

I meant, "how is a VSTi different from a SAMPLER?"

Sorry for the stupidity.

OK, I gotta go see about a motherboard...
You could ask how does cake differ from food.

It doesn't work that way, a sampler is what the thing does, it samples, VST is the standard it uses so it's a Virtual Studio Technology (instrument) however a sampler does not have to use the VST standard to be a sampler. there are other things that use VST that are not samplers too.
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Originally Posted by Tedwood View Post
You could ask how does cake differ from food.
I'm still having a hard time engaging my brain for some reason.

What I meant to say was, "how does a VSTi drum program (such as DFH or BFD, say) differ from a sampler?"

I've heard people seem to use the terms interchangeably.
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The way I see it, there are three larger categories:

Drum Modules: like Addictive drums, EZdrummer etc. Those are basically drum sample playback machine with no sample import or editing capability, you have to use the sound made available from the manufacturers. They're generally designed to be quick and easy to use.

Drum Samplers: DR 008, Battery etc. They can import raw samples, map and mangle them so you can build kit from scratch. Most come with a library also. There isn't much difference between those and general samplers, except the interface and option is thought from the ground up to be used with percussion, so they make the features most often used for this purpose, like choke group and pad mapping, more obvious and easily accessible.

Samplers: Kontakt, Halion etc. they're general purpose samples playback unit. They often have the same options as dedicated drum samplers, but it's buried amongst many other so they're not as efficient to use for this purpose; of course, they usually can do much more than drum samplers, it's just not so quick and easy.

Of course this is just generalities, I didn't even mention drum synthesizer, but some drum sampler, like DR 008, have synthesizer built in. Really, the only way to go about choosing one is to spell out your need as exactly as possible, and then look for ones that have the necessary features to fulfill those.
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Originally Posted by Tedwood View Post
Actually no complete Reaper projects with Shortcircuit, I have been quite happy with Addictive Drums, but I will use SC for more specialised percussion, like congas, tambourine, brushes etc.

However there are a few sample contributions in the tutorial thread. I copied them below.

The thing is Shredder most of this comes down to the skill of the programmer and the choice of samples, Shortcircuit doesn't have a "sound" and the patterns are just sequences that are nothing to do with SC so it's kinda misleading.
Thanks Tedwood - this was helpful, including the samples..
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Originally Posted by Jason Brian Merrill View Post
ive tried jamstix over and over again, and uninstalled it over and over again...
Weird. I just got JS and the metal expansion for my birthday, and I'm pretty happy with how it's sounding so far. Definitely not for beginners though, and definitely not what the original post wanted.

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