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Default drums for reaper

hi, i'm new to reaper and have no experience at all in computer recording. do you have any advice on what add-ons or software to use for drums in recording? is it possible to use your keyboard in making drum beats (as if it were a real drum set) rather than using and editing drum loops as provided by many drum software? please provide me with the step by step procedures in installing and activating the add-ons. thanks
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Hello pgm and welcome to these forums. You'll find many helpful people here and a lot of useful information. Make sure you purchase Nicholas's excellent User Guide and ReaMix docs too. Worth their weight in gold.


User Guide:


If you can, get hold of a copy of Computer Music magazine - there will be several useful things for you on the cover-mount DVD. Also try to get the Computer Music Beginner's Guide Special #32 - it's full of tutorials for beginners, using Reaper.

This site will ship them internationally:

Now, as for your specific question:

To get started and to learn the basics I would go for a free drum instrument. This works by receving MIDI messages telling it what drum sound to play. You can certainly use a MIDI keyboard to send the MIDI notes to the drum instrument and you can record those MIDI notes in Reaper so you can edit them too. You can also use the Virtual MIDI keyboard in Reaper to elt you make use of your PC keyboard to send MIDI notes to the drum instrument.

Here are some useful threads that go into more detail:


The simplest way to get started is to choose a free Drum synth (follow Wok!'s link in one of those threads above). In general these do not need to be activated, you just place them in your instruments folder and tell Reaper to scan that folder. Then you can add the Drum synth to a track.
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