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Default LBX Smart Knobs CC Values Always 0

Hey everyone! I have setup my Behringer X-Touch Mini to work with Realearn/FaderBox/LBX Smart Knobs. Everything works great from the X-Touch mini to Realearn to FaderBox, but when I run the Smart Knobs script and then select a plugin for it to control (it works fine before this) all of my MIDI control capability goes away. No matter what I do all of the FaderBox faders go to 0 and can't be increased. I can see them trying to increase (they come up from zero but then immediately go back). This definitely seems to be an issue with Smart Knobs as everything works fine until that tries to control a plugin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

I'm using Reaper 6.13 on a Ryzen based Hackintosh (so I'm using the Clang build) not sure if that makes a difference

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