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Default Midi Keyboard Issue. Only two keys working

I am using a axiom pro 49 keyboard and only two of my keys on it are working (the high B and A), nothing else is registered. This problem doesn't appear to be reaper specific as I have encountered the same issue in Helm. I've downloaded the latest drivers for it and my friend who lent it to me said it works for him. I have a windows 10 and have the keyboard plugged directly into my PC via USB.

I've been searching for hours now but can't find any info. Just videos of people jamming screw drivers into their keyboard and pulling the guts out. I'm in tears right now (not really) I just want to be able to make some tunes. If anyone has any thoughts that would be great.
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Try this:

It does sound like a mechanical or electrical problem - it was probably an intermittent electrical fault in the example above.

If reset doesn't work test it on another PC.
Easy enough to install Reaper and test the keys with Reasynth.

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What softsynth said^^
you could try something in standalone as well as vsti. Also, try a midi cable??
In Reaper, set up a midi track with vsti on it and your kb selected as the device, if a midi signal is getting through you should see a red line appear each time you press a key (despite no sound). If no midi signal then it is likely a problem en route from your keys to reaper.

Hmm, Reaper setup ok?
try different cables, wiggle the connections slightly

good luck
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