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Default round 2 questions, this time with source control!

Hey everybody. I started programming about 2 years ago, and I was doing some tinkering right at the start of my programming days, I defaulted to Python because that was the language (that i knew) where I could actually do http requests to my server.

Well... I'm back again, after losing my old system to the ways of an unorganized coder that I am, anyways. This time I want to rebuild this system and have some source control backups so my code doesn't fall into obsoleteness again.

What I intend to do:

- Automate some voice acting recordings:
how? I have scripts that are in basically XML, and I will be parsing them out and serving them on a frontend one line at a time.

I want reaper to be "plugged into" my server (websockets would be beautiful) i want to send post requests to my server to get the script line information (file name etc) and record the file and automatically name it (which is tbh 90% of the job).
- then send a socket or post request to iterate the state on the server. It would be great if i could straight up send the .wav file via a request (binary blob or something), barring that, having it on the file system is good enough , I can easily automate the sending of the files from the disk after the project is done.

What I did before was. Hit a macro, which was plugged into my action. It launched a python script (the 250 ms lag with the python scripts is suuuper annoying, so hopefully I can NOT use python, or find a way around the lag) I would like if my action could be triggered via OSC (iirc - I think that's possible)

What I am asking from the community:

I am hoping you could gently nudge me in the right direction in respect to the proper technologies. I don't need to be spoonfed, I just want a general "look at this framework", "try this library", if possible!

If you help me out, and you are in this same vein of work, I will hook you up with the final system once I am done with it.
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Lua and EEL aren't able to access C libraries outside of Reaper, so neither will work directly for this. It is possible to execute terminal processes though, so if you were to write an external app to handle the requests and getting data back, a Lua script could periodically check for a flag to be set somewhere to let it know that the transfer is done.

(I'm not sure if EEL can do that or not)
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You can do TCP-connection stuff in Eel, using the functions


and the following ones.
I've never tested them, so I don't know, if they help you at all.
Ultraschall-API - a Lua-functions-library4Reaper: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread....98#post2067798
Reaper Internals - Developerdocs4Reaper: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=207635
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Following what lokasenna said, You can try cURL CLI for manging http requests or lftp which is a command FTP browser.
With Lua it will be easier because string manipulation in EEL are not very friendly.
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Ok, some really interesting approaches here.

Would be cool to have some lua to hit the scripts (for the response time) and then a python worker on my computer doing the heavy lifting.. Just might work.

Thanks guys, I will start hacking here!

I admit I am not too keen on trying to learn eel, especially if there is not much benefit to my project over just using Lua
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