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Default Sampler config please help

Okay here's what I would like to do. I want to playback a midi piano part on the track with sampletank, and on another track thru another output, I want to playback a midi drumpart. I have the drums track recieving the sampletank track and have set up my send for 3+4 > 1+2 on the drums track, but when I play back, No drums. What am I doing wrong?
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What synth is supposed to play the drums?
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Thank you for your reply. I sorted it out. Here's the steps if any one's interested.

1)set up sample tank. Piano midi channel 1 output 1+2, drums midi channel 2 output 3+4 and click on the folder icon.
2)create another track and click on its folder button. Select all the notes in the midi clip, right click, go to properties, select channel two. (if you recorded midi channel 2 you do not need to channelize the note properties)

Now the drums are playing on midi channel two but output 1+2.

Create another track as a send lable it drums. set it to recieve 3+4 and set the folder to send 3+4 to it.

I found after I did this with several instruments that selecting all the midi tracks right clicking and selecting "hide selected tracks in the mixer" made it less clutered in the mixer.

Once I figured this out (wasn't really explained in the manual) I thought that this was a really elegant solution to handling multi-timbrel multi-channel VSTi's. Maintains virtually limmitless routing possiblities while keeping an uncluttered mixer. I am really starting to warm up to reaper!

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