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Default MIDI-only or MIDI-mostly for Reaper Box

I am a licensed user of Reaper and I use it mostly to record piano practice into Midi tracks.

I am working on putting Reaper onto a Raspberry pi 3 B+ which is in the mail. My intention is to create a box that can be controlled by the mouse and keyboard like a regular computer, which is totally possible for rPI, but also be able to start the box in an auto load mode where you can playback / record midi without using the screen (much.)

The basic requirement is to strip down Reaper GUI so that only the Piano roll and other screens needed for sequencing are present by default. For this project I would love to strip out everything but the piano roll, but I am not sure that is possible so instead I want to bring the piano roll and the pattern sequencer to the forefront.

I am completely naive about customizing the GUI. Any tips on how to pin the sequencer windows so they are the first thing the user sees? I guess you also need the track listing so maybe have that on the left and the sequencer maximized but tiled on the right?

I would also like to suppress windows overlapping, can you force all windows to be tiled side by side?

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