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Default Refresh track levels/pans to cue sends...

I'm sure this has probably been asked before, but I'm not coming up with anything in the searches I've tried. I know the 'cue bus generator' can be used to set up cue mixes really quick, and will match the track volume and send settings to each track's send level and pan (if you choose one of the 'pre fader' options).

Is there a script or an easy way to 'renew' the volume and pan settings across the session to the cue send levels and pans at a later point? So if part way through the session you've added new tracks and/or made adjustments to the levels and pans of the main mix that you'd like to be reflected in the cue mixes as well, they can be refreshed with the likes of a key command? Hope this makes sense!

Thanks friends!!!
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