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Default Velocity and Timing Humanizer: Random doubles

I am using the JS: MIDI Velocity and Timing Humanizer a lot to make sample banks of similar (but not same) sounds on the same note like someone really played those samples.

However, one thing i notice, is that the random algorythm in there sometimes selects the same sound again after it just played this.

3 questions
1. Can i get random velocity without ANY direct repetition of the same velocity value?
2. If i have polyphony, e.g. chords, how can i make sure, the random doesn't select the same note for either of the notes played at the same time?
3. Is there a way to define random range within note range instead of a somehow blurry "Velocity Humanization Level" ranging from 0-10.0?
Better would be "11 notes", e.g. +/- 5 notes, or "up/down 7 notes incl. the root note" (the root being the note, that you put in your midi item)

Direct repetition of the exact same sample in a bank of random sounds sort of ruins the impression of human playing.

Thanx for any insights.
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