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Default region and midi control for next


I use midi keyboard for both playing and for triggering region playlist.
I have "play next region" in midi keyboard note d3.
Same note is used also for vst instrument.

I can make the playlist to move immediately to next region by pressing midi note d3. However the vst instrument won't trigger. I can trigger note immediately after region change and it works fine.
However I would need it so that the vst plays and region jumps to next at the same time.

I use regions to trigger midi events so timing needs to be precise.

Please, what am I doing wrong ? Any suggestions please
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Originally Posted by fab90 View Post
I have "play next region" in midi keyboard note d3.
Same note is used also for vst instrument.
"d3" will play a note and also at the same time start the playback of a region ?

I don't see how this can make sense ?!?!?

Anyway, you always can do a JSFX that monitors the notes that are played, detects some kind of event (e.g. a note sequence) and sends out a CC in that case.

Now that cc can be routed to the Control Path by "MidiToReaControlPath and the be assigned ("learned") to the appropriate action.

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