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Default Reaper's MIDI Sync is the worst!

Reaper is awful at MIDI syncing!
I'm trying to sync Reaper to Reaper which you would imagine having a high compatibility and success rate, right?
Nothing...a total disaster! I've even tried two different sound cards but the result is +- the same: either nothing happens, the slaved Reaper doesn't react at all or it's all jerky and unusable.

I've had more success syncing Reaper to Ableton, slight better success with Samplitude and amazingly, almost perfect sync with Magix Vegas Pro!

Looking at the history in the forum, the problem has always been there and that totally baffles me! How can this not be a high priority!?

How well, just needed to get it out one more time (I'll probably be back on this topic).
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I rarely use MIDI clock sync anymore unless for jamming. The best way to sync 2 daws is with LTC, plus wordclock. MTC plus wordclock will suffice.
Just make sure your tempo maps are the same in each daw. I also have song position pointing (SPP) enabled aswell.

If the daws are in the same pc use Rearoute and piggy back on reapers virtual asio driver on the other daw. You dont need wordclock in this case.

In fact even now for jamming, MTC is all i use (via Copperlan), with no wordclock (just being lazy and it doesnt make a big diff in jamming). It works well.

Unfortunately MIDI clock is a sad state of affairs but is your only choice if, in a jam you want to manually change tempo and keep all things in sync.

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