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Human being with feelings
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Default clue me in....sofsynths that can produce lotsa weirdness lol.

i dont know much about this..but my nice songwriting partner has clued me in that certain softsynths can produce lots of interesting FX sounds.
so i thought i would look at this in more detail for
special effects. that will help us if we need weird sounds for effects. and also cos i'm always curious.
and i enjoy doing weird fx in songs.
anyone have any they have come across ??
also any softsynths for things like harmonica or flute or other orchestral type sounds ??
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Human being with feelings
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do you like to do your own sound design?

modular: tassman to build stuff (easier, more "organic" sound), reaktor (large user library)

symptohm: sync grain oscillators, quad filter bank, morphing sounds by playing on the keyboard, assign lfo or ADSR to ANY parameter

otherwise: any synth you like to make "weird sounds" with

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