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Default building 2 story "barn style" shed ...what to do?

i'm building a 2 story barn style "accessory building" on my property. 16x24. the first floor can be 8' ceiling, the second includes the roof (which is a barn style roof slope, with a peak of 8')

My uses will be recording, and home office work while my wife will be doing piano/vocal lessons. (So I'll probably need a small waiting room)

I have it sketched out for 4 rooms on the first floor. waiting/lounge room (7x8) practice/recording room (8.5x10.5 with 7.5 ceiling using drop accoustic tile), control room/office (15.5 x 9.5 with drop ceiling at 7.5...also includes the stairs), iso booth (4x3 with windowed door and small plexiglass window into practice room)

my questions are thus:
1. is the iso big enough? should I not have any of the plexiglass /glass in doors in it?
2. since I have drop ceiling, I'm thinking I should not carpet the floor, but instead use lenolium with moveable throw rugs...is this wise?

I ran a room mod calculator to arrive at these specs, considering my limitations/room needs and what not.

any thoughts or suggestions? I currently do not have the stairs enclosed in the drawing, since that would lose me some space underneath em.

oh yeah...the second floor will function as both a practice room, a drum recording room and a home theater room..the room mode works out decently if I wall off the stairs and put it 2.25 foot wide 5 foot tall "knee walls" making the room about 18.75 x 11.25 with a 7.5 avg ceiling and shaved off corners.

should I carpet the 2nd floor, since I won't have very much in the way of drop tiles?

i'll also be accoustically treating the rooms. with at least 1 superchunk in each of the three rooms as well as diffusor panels as needed. hopefully the 2nd floor, with non square corners and bonus room eqsque sloped ceiling will make for a good sound.

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