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Default need an ogg expert..a question.

for some time now ive been exporting song projects to ogg
for back up.
i always test the back up ogg of course to ensure it will work
if i ever need it.
but heres my conundrum......someone tell me i'm nuts.

when i play back the ogg project ive created from the wave project i swear it has "something".....a sound i like as it were. i just cant put my finger on it...why.

can any "ogglet" or "oggyperson"..lol... shed any light or logical reasoning why i'm getting this impression ??
the reason i'm asking is i'm thinking .....once a song is finished...of doing the final stereo master mixdown useing the ogg project rather than the wave project.

no i'm not a loon. i just like what i'm hearing over the speakers.
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Not an expert by any stretch but...

ogg is a lossy format, it throws away data in a sound file...for good. It is meant fo transfering file over the net, not meant as an archiving or mixing solution. Depending the compression settings you used, of course it will sound different just like a jpeg will look different to an uncompressed tiff. If you like that or not, it is entirely up to your own ears.
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It is perfectly fine to like a compressed version more than an uncompressed version, it's all about your ears at the end of the day, and what you prefer.

But technically, what you are hearing is signal degredation.
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If you need to back stuff up but want to save disc space, render to lossless formats like FLAC or WavPack.
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as far as lossy formats go, a lot of people (including myself) actually like the way that ogg degrades... it ends up losing residual spectral information, and unlike mp3 it doesnt have a lot of artifacts.. if anything some people say it sounds more like tape degrading.. but I dont know much about tape..

anyway... I do know it sounds pretty damn good at ~60kbps for instruments in ninjam...
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thanks folks.
so it seems justin i'm not nuts cos u have similar feelings.
anyway i'm gonna do some more tests n also try flac/wavepac ..cheers.
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