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Default waves vst running as DX... now what did I do?

I am a newbie to Reaper so I appoligize if this is a redundant rethread, but I couldnt find a solution yet...

I am running Linux (Studio-To-Go and also 64 Studio). AMDX2 4600, 3gigs ram, MAudio 1010 & DIO. Migrated from CubaseSX.

When I downloaded the Reaper demo (ver. 1812) I was able to run Waves L3 as a DX plugin. I have no idea what I did. I didn't realize how thankful I should be then.. but now I cant get the L3 to show up through DX even though I found a cakewalk VST adapter and Sonar 5 and still haven't found a way to bring back my trusty L3. Even if I install pure DX plugins, it doesn't show up. I am lost and need help. Is there a way to fix this?

** I am color-blind and even though it might sound strange, Reapers color choices are a huge sell for me. I don't see colors like most and being able to choose colors that my eyes can distinguish is sooo huge... and THANKS for that!!

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L3 shows up as a dx here. Is L3.dll in your waves/plugins folder?
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