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Default anyone up for a mic pre shootout ??

there is no forum for discussion on recording hardware...
eg mic pre's, mixers, guitars, speakers etc etc...
might i suggest this be considered as an extra forum in the reaper forums ?? for folks to swap ideas on gear they like ??
anyways....for some fun....
anyone up for a mic pre shootout ??
with a difference ??
all recording will be done in reaper of course.
heres what i was thinking ......one hi end mic pre i would include, and the rest ringers...for a laugh and see if folks can spot the hi end mic pre.
i'm just curious if folks can spot which one is the hi end mic pre.
up front i will tell you i will include all sorts of naughty tricks to make the ringers (includeing diy mic pre)
sounding as good as the hi end one.

this is purely for a giggle/fun.

same mic will be used....an sm 57. bog standard.
thru each mic pre.

the track will be both spoken and vocal lasting 30 secs.
(no music....ie...naked....)
one track for each of the four mic pre's.
(one good pre..plus three ringers....!)

if anyones interested i'll do the tracks for fun.
please be forewarned ..i will cheat in any and every way i can...
to confuse....lol....lol...(in an engineering /noise reduction/editing sense...)
to make the ringers sound as best i can.......LOL.

anyone up for this ??
i need 10 ok's.
just to make it interesting for the time it'll take me....LOL.

ps..."J" ...please feel free to move this to the forum you deem most appropriate.

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Good luck with that.

I bet no one guesses the high-end preamp.

You should also include some DAW summing and see if anyone can blindly guess one app over another :P

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Hey, I like 57's (and have a couple), but testing mic pre's with a 57 is a little like testing speakers with an AM radio.

It's also real subjective, depending on the sound source, and magic interactions between the mic circuit and the preamp input - especially for dynamic micss. Example - a retired 'puter engineer with a deep voice using a SM57 into a 25-year-old McCurdy or Northern Electric transformer-coupled preamp could be pure magic; same mic into a $3000 preamp could be just meh.

Sorry to rain on the parade; maybe I'm just down on shootouts
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chip mcdonald
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Do a search for "Lynn Fuston mic pre cd".

You may also want to check out www.gearsluts.com and http://recforums.prosoundweb.com.
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