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Default Recalling Multiple Track Settings by loading a Track Template ?

I have my multitrack-drum mix / fx template saved ;
but in my drum-room there are no fx / pan / volume - settings stored,
just a basic empty 8-track project template to multi-track my acoustic drum-kit without possible hick-ups .

Now, when I get back to my "main" studio I'd like to recall / replace the recorded (no fx / vol / pan - settings) track settings with the settings in the saved mix / fx - template . Preferebly with as few mouse-click, etc. as possible .

Now, make any sense ...

I don't want to load each track's fx, etc. every time and neither I want to be importing the mix / fx template to the basic template and then move the items / rec data to the new tracks .

Still, make any sense ...

- BOne -
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change your first template... put all the fx you might ever want on it and set them to bypass or even to offline...

when you bring the recorded project back to wherever, turn them back on
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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