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Default Inherited a lot of old school hardware (00s era)

Hi guys.
Recently I inherited a large number of modules, as well as a rack for them. I really have no use for them since my style has always been working with plugins.
I'm not sure what to do with them all, selling them would be great but it'd take a long time to do them one by one.

They're all in London, I'll just list the items, theyre all in great condition.

Alesis multiMix 16USB
T.c electronic M.One dual effects processor
E-Mu Proteus 2000
Alesis DM-5
Novation super bass station
Freebase FB 383
Zoom, zoom studio
Boss dr-5
Really nice compressor (fmr audio)

There are a couple of other little bits and bobs around too.

Guys, if anyone has any advice or tips on what to do with this (or where to go), or if anyone is interested personally, please get back to me.
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eBay and don't be lazy with the photos. Lots of fully in focus photos per item, avoiding flash - use the sunlight.
Local collection only if you don't want hassle, but it may take longer to get rid of it all. Given the population London is the best place in the country to get away with local collection only.

Test it all to make sure it all works correctly.
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Yes , what softsynth said ,

dont underestimate the value of this to some ...not me but many just love this stuff and make great music with it ,and hate plugins even though we know that plugins have more to offer . There are still people who prefer film to digital ...hard to fathom but creativity has its own means and ends . I used to think a genuine fender strat was vital ...until I got a 100 buck copy that blew my hair back.
You will meet some very creative people in this adventure ..
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I-Koni, I PM:ed you...
Analog is the new digital
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