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Human being with feelings
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Default -autoanalyse request

Would it be possible to have a switch that did the same kinda thing as -autorun but stopped after the analysis without running the 'go' section? I have an IBM/Lenovo thinkpad whichallows me to run programs when I connect to specific networks.

I want to have it auto backup my documents on the laptop to my home server filestore whenever I connect at home. -autorun is great, but sometimes I make changes using my desktop as well so the filestore is updated from both pcs hence I usually would use bidirectional sync. However bidirectional sync can't cope with deleting unneeded files or moving files around different folders as pathsync can't tell the difference between moved/renamed files and so I end up with two copies in different places!

If I could have the program autoanalyse whenever I connected and wait for me to click 'go' then I would be able to see what changes are about to be made and make adjustments if needed before clicking go and still save me the time waiting after I click 'analyse'.


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Default Hmm

Maybe it should support reading the backup tag aka Archive flag.
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Default Should be simple

This feature should be simple to add- I'll give it a try next time I'm in the code.
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Has this been added. Or attempted?
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