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Default sync-ing based on change

I may not be understanding how path sync works. To my surprise after using it for a few days I noticed that it seemed that path sync was coping over files onto the remote folder for a local folder that had not been touched in ages. It seems that when "copying" over files to the remote directory that what is actually happening is that a new file is created with the contents of the source file i.e as opposed to a copy. I have not taken the time to test it but I'm fairly certain that a "copy" in Windows e.g. via a batch script maintains the date of the original file.

I did notice the "ignore file dates" check box but that worries me because it is not impossible to modify a file and have a resulting file size to be the same as the original which would result in no sync-ing.

So what are my options? ignore file dates ? Is this considered a bug or not?

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a couple of times I've experienced similar behaviour - I always do a local --> remote synch, and sometimes some files appear on the list which haven't been touched.

Interestingly, in all cases I've come across, just re-scanning the folder removes them from that list....
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Is it possible that you were experiencing the problem with comparing timestamps between NTFS and FAT filesystems that Jens Puhlmann fixed in his post last year?

This fix has been rolled into the last two 'unofficial' releases on this board, 0.33b and 0.33c, and is now in v0.34.

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hey there... no both are ntfs.... Doesn't matter - will try the lastet version and see what bugs have been fixed and what ones (if any) are still evident..
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