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Cool stuck in STOP mode

hadn't used LiceCap (ver. 1.23) in a awhile, i went to use it today and now it doesn't work. the problem seems to be AFTER 'saving' the file. LiceCap is showing (stuck) in "Stopped" mode. can't click the "Stop" button. i can only press 'record', which then asks me to save a file again. tried install/uninstall, shutdown, etc. but same. went back to try v. 1.23, back to 1.24 same deal.

anyone encounter this problem before?

thanx in advance,
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I tried using licecap the other day on W7x64, & had problems (& still am!)but I did notice that now when you click to save the file it used to just start but now there's a pre-roll on bottom left corner of the licecap box, are you waiting for that to reach zero?

Not that I'm an expert by any stretch, I'm still looking for answers like you, but they don't come fast on this subject as you can see!

we'll just have to help each other!
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I've same problem here. I've tried every version of the Lifecap however it didn't make any change. It doesn't start to record. I'm using Windows 7 64bit btw.
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I'm also using Win7 x64. The program did work a couple of times the first time I installed it. But now when it launches, it appears in the task bar - with stopped in the heading?

Uninstalled and reinstalled but still wont launch, anyone know of a solution.

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Same issue here....won't launch and shows "stopped" in the toolbar. Big Bummer.
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