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Default licecap as image

I can't make my licecap to be animated. I m doing it wrong?
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Well, to me it seems it's only one image captured, seeing it's size. It is a .gif, but obviously needs to have more frames captured. Can not really say what you're doing wrong.
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What OSX version?
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Not sure if this is the problem, but seeing it is hosted on imageshack -
Are you using a free or subscribed account, because animated gif's don't work on free accounts anymore.

I know from personal experience that if you upload animated gif's to a free imageshack account they show up as non-animated (only showing the first frame)

Animated gif uploads are only supported for subscribed registered users. If you wish to upload animated gifs, please register and subscribe to one of our plans.

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The program itself is super simple and works beautifully with most GIF files I've created, but not LICEcap's. This may actually because of the expertise of the LICEcap developers: I ran IrfanView's tool to break LICEcap files into individual slides, but it appears LICEcap uses layers and image positions to avoid recording whole frames at every little change. This will save a lot of space, but might make it incompatible with other animation tools.
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