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Default licecap problem (everything is BLACK)

(posted this in reaper general discussion first, so i post the thread here too)

i installed licecap, tried to test it but everything in the background is black

(the only thing that showing is the mouse cursor, and the time (if ofcourse i have the option to show time enabled)

then i tried to restart the computer, first thing i tried was the licecap, did a 2-sec test, and it was working!!

but when i tried again after 2 mins, the same everything-black happened...

might be the dispay driver?? (i have ati)

EDIT: to anyone having the same problem:
i installed the latest ati driver, at first it didnt work (black as usual) but now somehow works (we'll see for how long :/)

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It could be an issue if licecap is running as a different user than the other windows; there might be some stuff to prevent them from reading eachothers screens.
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I was having a similar problem (everything was displaying in b/w), but reinstalled QuickTime (use for playing GIFs) and everything was fixed. (Win 7 x64 here)

BTW- why doesn't LiceCap pull the OS's visual style or aero?
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Default Still happening?

Hi there, I'm wondering if this was ever fixed.

I'm running Mac OS X 10.8.5, with LICEcap 1.23
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Default FIXED

In case this is useful for anyone, after one hour of trial and error I figured out that it does not work on a secondary screen. So you need to perform the recording on the primary screen (the one which has the menu bar).
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Good catch, thanks for the heads up!

Btw, afaik OS X 10.9 will bring the menu bar to all screens... wonder if that will affect anything.
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