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Originally Posted by The Telenator View Post
Went in on an apparently large group buy on another forum asking more what the thing is really worth. Apparently also, I'm not the only one who felt the last minute price hike was bull.
Maybe from now on you'll pay closer attention to product pricing on something you're anticipating. Your accusation of "last minute price hike" is laughable to those of us that have been following the development of the product for over a year.

I'm sorry you cannot seem to afford the TP, maybe save up? You'll get there eventually!

They better come up with a replacement parts list, offering the USB receiver for when the cheap plastic of it hits the floor, gets knocked out of the computer and breaks into several pieces.
It's obvious you don't own one, since you have no clue about the "cheap plastic" these things are made of. Mine is quite nice and have had no problems so far.

Of course I guess if you are such a klutz that you are bumping into your computer and knocking things onto the floor breaking them you might be better off not owning anything you cannot afford to replace. Heck, you shouldn't even own an instrument if you have all the problems you describe.

So, let's review: guy writes into thread, states the sudden new pricing is ridiculous. Bunch of chaps who spend all their time hanging around the forum 24/7 have a cow over the guy's opinion
Your opinion that anything was "last minute" is just that, an opinion not based in fact.

Here's a fact for you, the price increase was set back in January after NAMM when the final version of the hardware, software, and packaging were completed. The product was not released until April. Your "last minute" claim is a joke!
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