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Default Screen To Gif

I hope this post isn't seen as being unethical. If so, please delete.

I've been a Licecap fan since ... forever, great app, but I recently stumbled on something that might be a guide for future LC features, Screen to Gif, a really great little freebie with Camtsia-like editing features, where you can edit over the gif after recording.


You can ever delete individual frames after recording...

Pretty cool little app. Some nice FR's for LC in there maybe?
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Very nice!
Thanks for posting. Lot's of cool stuff for editing.
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This looks very promising. I was trying to add some images in between frames and kept crashing it but other than that it has a lot of cool ideas.
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Some nice features... but meh, Windows-only.

For some simple GIF editing jobs, I use Gifsicle.

(And fwiw, on OS X, Preview can be used for some very basic GIF editing, too.)
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Yeah. I own Corel Draw which is great for creating or editing animated gifs, but not being a screen recorder the "creating" part isn't so much fun. i mean, you can make nice animations by duplicating a page and moving something a little, etc, etc, and export the result as an animated gif.

The editing part there is just pages. You can do anything to any frame (page). It never even occurred to me until just now that i could just drop Licecap recordings in there to edit them, it's just a series of pictures.
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You can load LICEcap-recorded .gifs (or better yet .LCF) into REAPER and edit them there, and rerender back to .gif.
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