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Human being with feelings
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Hey cats

OK, I'm old school - was lead vox/writer for over 25 years. I'm so old I started performing "rock - my first semi pro act was Beatles/Wings trib - then got into classic rock (as it was happening)with my own material mixed in sparsely at after a few years I got into what was called "hard rock" Sabbage - Iron Maiden - Priest - Rainbow (Dio Era) Uriah Heep Etc

Then this new term popped into existence "Metal" anyway, I started into metal performing in a Dio Trib band or two - then went into all metal cover band with originals.

Eventually finished my illustrious career in a really solid metal band with the likes of Mr Barry Stock himselfish!

So I have old school studio experience.
I became deathly ill and after a four month battle back n forth with old man death in hospital, which my family were told I would not survive...oh don't worry, I didn't die!

I retired.
After almost twenty years I decided to get back into what I loved more than anything, but my wife wasn't having it...well, save for once every paycheck!

I downloaded a trial of Reaper. I was not a computer savvy dude to say the very least, but Reaper had elements that even Fred Flintstonesque old dudes could recognize.

And so when the trial was over I had actually managed to get some plug in effects into the right folders, not intentionally I assure you, and I managed to come out with a fairly non horrific couple of original ideas and I was inspired all to blazes!

I am on a very humble disability pension, and even though Reaper is crazy stupid cheap, even twenny bones is more than I wanted to part with, it represents 20% of my income, and when your income is around a g note a month that is substantial!

We spent our "vast fortune" building our house down the street from a large fresh water lake in the middle of an old growth forest, which is freaking BEAUTIFUL!
My wife was screwed out of her career after her two full knee implants came apart!

That was almost 4 years ago and they still haven't booked a surgery to repair! Yes, we're going to have no choice but to get a lawyer...sigh She is in absolute agony 24/7

So, I contacted Reaper because I had to let them know how impressed I was with the software, and the price, but explained my circumstance and thanked them nonetheless.


I'm fiddy seven, and been around the block (my new bucket list must do is to visit ANTIFASTAN AKA CHAZ) sigh

I know big companies DO NOT ascribe to handouts, nor should they! They work very hard to build a company and provide great products and services, and so I was not expecting that, and yet that is exactly what Reaper did!

So I wanted to introduce myself and once again THANK REAPER!! A really amazing product, an unbeatable price and the very best people both in the company and right here in the Reaper community!

Top notch all round!
Jack Von Bronzesnake
Ontario Canada

(OK, I'll post my "dumb as a bag of smashed buttholes in a new post)
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Human being with feelings
Join Date: Jun 2020
Location: 1313 Mockingbird lane
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I just recovered from "another" major surgery and after several months was itching to get recording again.

For whatever reason, when I attempted to record I keep getting "CAN'T WRITE TO RECORDING FILES - DOES THE DIRECTORY EXIST"

Now, I've read through hours of help posts and video, but nothing works.
I disabled my virus and malware and that did zippo!

I am NOT very tech savvy but neither am I a complete novice, so I can follow instruction...I hope!

I can playback previous recorded material, and I suspect I may have created a save to file which the program can't find, or doesn't normally use, however I've attempted to resolve that and had no luck.

Preemptive thank you!
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Human being with feelings
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Hi Jack and welcome.

I enjoyed your intro and hope things go well for you all.

Anyhow re your recording issue, try this:

1. Start a new project
2. Immediately SAVE AS giving it a title and save it somewhere where you want it to go.
3. Record a track as as normal and see if that is OK. If it is then just SAVE the project and carry on.

Hope that works but let us know!
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Human being with feelings
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Honestly life is a lot better if you do this every time before you record anything. You definitely want each project in its own folder with all of its audio in the same place. You may not know why now, but you will probably thank yourself later. So yeah do that Save As to its own folder thing before anything else with every project you start.
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