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Default Action to select the next sibling track/folder

Hi all,
I have a certain number of tracks, some of them are folders, some others are not. My intent is to easily switch between tracks on the same level using a shortcut linked to an action.
Now, supposing that I select a track, is there a way to select to the next SIBLING track (regardless if it's a folder or not) thus ignoring any children track?

Reaper has a native "Track: Select all top level tracks" action but I'd need to select only the NEXT top level track/folder, not all of them.
I have SWS installed but I have no idea about how to attain this.

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For the top level tracks there're actions gen_Select next first level track.lua and gen_Select previous first level track

i guess with enough coding knowledge they can be modded to only do switching between lower level tracks skipping parents

until then there's a stock action Track: Go to next track or Xenaikos/SWS: Select next tracks which only do sequential selection in the descending order and which may be used in conjunction with the former action when getting down to the children level tracks

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