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Default Post about Reaper adjusting buffer settings automatically?


I read a post recently where, IIRC, the OP was praising a new feature of Studio One whereby you could adjust the audio buffer on a track by track basis and requested that Reaper should be able to do the same.

Someone then explained that, although you couldn't specify buffer size by track, Reaper already had a feature (for some years) whereby it adjusted the audio buffer size (possibly per track?) automatically, depending on the task at hand and that Studio One was behind the curve.

I promised to send a link to this post to someone on another forum but I am bugg3red if I can find it...

So, can anyone point me to that post, or a similar post, that explains this concept in Reaper?


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I think I saw your post on the FB group. I don't believe this is a real thing.

The interface buffers are set at the interface. You can have Reaper (try to) tell the interface to change them, but Reaper doesn't have any real control over it. I have never heard of an interface allowing different buffer settings for different inputs or outputs and there's no way it could know anything at all about tracks in Reaper.

I'm kind of posting here out of curiosity just in case I'm wrong and somebody knows otherwise, but I'm afraid that you misunderstood whatever it was that you read. Maybe something about PDC?
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