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Default MIDI learn is not remembering settings

I'm trying to map encoders on a doepfer midi controller to control bootEQmkII by variety of sound (a simple eq vst). In the MIDI/OSC learn dialog, I checked the box next to "enable only when effect configuration is focused". After I hit OK, the knob still affects the mapped parameter even if the configuration window is closed. When I open the MIDI learn dialog again for that parameter, the "enable only when effect configuration is focused" is no longer checked. The same issue occurs when I try "enable only when effect configuration is visible". HOWEVER, If I check "enable only when track of item is selected" that setting seems to work as expected. Why won't the other two settings stay enabled? Am I missing a setting somewhere else?
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I don't think you are because I'm dealing with the same issues, sometimes the parameters aren't focused, or it could be that you used the fx parameters in the track controls which also alters the focus of the control towards the track parameter instead of the UI of the vst.
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This is very frustrating as I have a very similar issue. I copy from my new thread:

I want my midi controller (Arturia Beatstep) to control some FX parameters.
I use
Param and then Learn from the FX window and choose:

-- Enable only when effect configuration is in focus.

It works fine by itself.

But when I ALSO choose:
---Soft takeover (to avoid volume jumps etc.)

Reaper starts to ignore the "Enable only when effect is in focus" parameter and the parameter changes even when I 'm focused on other plugins or when I have the FX window closed. Does anybody know why this is the case? Can you reproduce this behavior? It's really frustrating because I need both options!!
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