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Default Midi item redording...

Hello everyone,

I have some problems with how Reaper records midi item, and I do not know how to make it behave the old way. The thing is, midi item starts recording when I press the key, but not before no matter I used pre roll.
The problem is if I want to copy or quantize the notes the first note will go to the beginning of the item, but that is not on the line exactly.
How to make Reaper records midi item from the point where I press record?
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Hi quadrifoglio. Are you saying that the pre-roll is interfering with being able to go right into record when the key is hit? That it was turned on and you don't want it on? Options/Metronome/Pre roll settings is where to change its behavior, for example having preroll when you playback and NOT when you record.

In the Action browser there are "Pre-roll: Toggle pre-roll on play" and "Pre-roll: Toggle pre-roll on record" and you can assign whatever keys you like there to them to turn them on and off.

Is that what you meant? If not tell us more and I'm sure it can be cleared up : )
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