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Default Theme nuances - io (routing) window

Hello all. The thing with the Theme element finder is that it doesn't seem to work on windows which disappear once the focus is lost. Particularly, on the i|o (routing) window.

It's from the Spring theme.

Originally — from the Janne_Tronic theme by Kusakanaka.

There are seven faders in the i|o window here, and only two of them (in the Send section) with somewhat properly visible lanes (is "lane" the right word for that little crack the fader moves along?).
Now, I can make these lanes more distinguishable by changing the window color. But it would affect both this window and the window "around" the Piano roll (and who knows what else), and I have no intention to change the color of the window "around" the Piano roll.
What I would like is to make the Receive section a bit darker, the Send section to match that same new darker color, and the fader lanes — darker still.
Any advice on that will be appreciated.
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