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Default External (USB/Firewire) mixer advice needed

What I am looking for is external mixer (that you can actually mix on it and not on the PC) that can record 4 tracks at the same time(two vocals and two guitars) at the same time and sent it to PC via USB or firewire. Within $500 price range. Of course with decent preamps.

Is there a such a thing?

Here are requirements:
1. Ability to connect two acoustic/electric guitar and two mic's at the same time with no external preamps (I have only one good external acoustic preamp actually). Not sure if I would need a DI Box for other guitarist or not.
2. Ability to connect external near field monitors (XLR)
3. Ability to connect CD player or some other audio source where I can play guitar (see number 1) along with backing track (CD) and route everything via USB or Firewire to a PC.
4. I like to do hands on mixing with my own actual hands vs on a PC. It just kills creativity for me fiddling with mouse and software issues.
5. Easy transport to a PC or laptop
6. Flexibility for live and home studio work

Thanks in advance
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There is such a thing but you will be hard pressed to find it for $500 unless it's used. One that comes to mind is the M-Audio NRV-10. It gets good reviews. I considered buying but it has no midi and the phantom power is universal. Beyond that I guess you're looking at an m-audio project mix I/O. Hope it helps.
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I've no experience with these, but I've read the SOS review of the Alesis Multimix 16 Firewire. They were pretty positive about it (given the low price of course). Cons: the preamps were a little noisy at highest gain settings, the mid EQ is a bit harsh for boosting. And the onboard effects are not very high quality...

There is a Multimix 8 (Firewire or USB) available... you might want to check that out.

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I just purchased this


I love it! The drivers are solid and I have zero issues. They make a smaller one if you don't need all those inputs, but their prices are reasonable!
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